Euromove in Vesoul: a report from La Douce France

We felt very much at home at the Lycée Edouard Belin!
We felt very much at home at the Lycée Edouard Belin!
... and in the bus :-)
... and in the bus :-)
... and in Champlitte
... and in Champlitte

Day 1: Paris
The first thing we did in Paris was taking the metro. It was very full and warm. We went to a hostel. We put our bags there. Then we went to do some sight-seeing. We went to the Eiffel Tower and climbed two floors. After that we went to visit the arc de triomph. We got some free time to shop. We went out for dinner and went on a boar trip on the Seine. At midnight we were back at the hostel. Paris was very very very beautiful. I hope i will visit it again.

Day 2: Paris & Families
On the second day we went to visit a Catholic church and a Mosque. They both were very beautiful and pretty big. The Mosque was very old and it's still used for religious  people to go to. After that we went to meet our correspondents. It was a bit awkward in the beginning but after the tour  around the school we  were all talking  with each other and the french students even taught us a card game. Then we went tot their houses and the day was finished.

Day 3: Vesoul
On the third day we got in the morning a couple presentations about the creator of the school, Edouard Bélin. He was a famous person in  french history and the french people call him the father of the television. After that we had our first french lunch, which  is quite different. it was quite good and a lot of cheese. After the lunch we did a geocaching game with the gps in Vesoul and after the game we went to the museum. The day was really fun, but also made  you tired.

Day 4: Out of the City
This day we went to Champlitte, a city near Vesoul. This city is really old and has a really long history. We got a tour in the city and it was really pretty. After the tour we went to a garden, there were a lot of beautiful flowers and some small buidlings. Some girls made little tiara's of the flowers. Then we went to a school in that city to eat and after that we went to another museum. The museum was really interesting, about the history of the region but it was quite cold in there. After the museum we went back to the school in Vesoul and there our families came to pick us up.

Day 5: Presentations and the Zoo
Everybody went to school like we all normally did. When we arrived at the school, the teachers told us we had to do our presentations today. In half an hour!
Luckily, we got some more time to prepare our presentations and three out of the six people that had to presentate something, three didn't have to in the end. After the presentations we went to Besançon, a city on  a big hill with the bus. Unfortunately, we  had to walk up the hill in the sun. A tour guide told us some things about the history of the city Citadelle and everybody took lots of pictures. Here the tour was over, we still had time to see some of the animals in the zoo-part of Citadelle, like the monkeys and the lions. When we went back by bus, some of the French people started singing French songs that we didn't understand, but it was fun! Back at school we had dinner; cheese (a lot of it), potatoes and salad and apple- or raspberry pie. A group of six French people, four Dutch people and two Irish people went bowling afterwards.
It was a fun day.


Day 6: back home

After a fantastic week we took the TGV back to Paris an then to Rotterdam. Around 18hrs everyone could meet his family and  make them jealous with our sweet memories of a . Thank you all!


Hadeer, Luca, Danièle, Lindi, Ashley, Rick, Oussama and Iskren

Hofstad Lyceum

Den Haag

The Netherlands

Le joli mois de l'Europe
Le joli mois de l'Europe